Pinnacle Fund

Compound Annual Growth

Managed Risk

Mathematical Approach

Systematic Science Technologies (SST) is a quantitative investment management firm dedicated to engineering and strictly adhering to rigorous mathematical and statistical models with the goal of capturing exceptional returns.

Pinnacle Fund

The Pinnacle Fund models drive investment, both long and short, utilizing multiple algorithms to increase the probability of capturing profits in fluctuating financial derivatives markets and manage risk.

Hedged Approach

The firm hedges against investment risk seeking to reduce the negative impact of adverse market movements .

Cloud Technology

Developing on the cloud enables us to operate data retrieval networks, analytics software, algorithms and automated trading systems without the complexity of developing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Maximum Transparency

SST provides our clients with full transparency. Clients have access to real-time account statements, positions and performance reports via the Interactive Brokers smartphone/tablet apps and account management website.

Highly Liquid

Client accounts are debited and credited daily and are highly liquid investments. Clients maintain tight control of their account allowing them to withdraw or transfer funds as they deem necesssary.